About BLU café

Bringing innovation to life with more than just retail space, BLU continues the tradition of buying and selling real estate as a very personal process through an inviting atmosphere with catered beverages. Everyone has a minute to share a cup of coffee or tea with a friend, BLU creates the atmosphere where buyers and sellers can feel comfortable discussing their real estate needs. BLUcafé brings a unique tea and coffee experience to Riverside Blvd and the residents who call it home. BLUcafé engages conversation and our knowledgeable agents are available to answer all your inquiries about the apartments, what’s in the neighborhood, or their favorite BLUcafé desserts and frozen yogurt combinations.


A lot has happened here since our founding in early 2012.  People have met, books have been read, and friends have been made. Here are just a few of the stories from our regulars:

c1  It feels great when a someone behind the counter asks how long I’ll be back, and how was DC. Just seeing the same faces each morning makes me feel at home—to me, that’s community, my Riverside community. c2

- Corine

c1 Even when it is crowded (which is often) I find it relaxing to be there, watch/talk to the customers and great staff, listen to some usually great music… If I can get one of the 4 window seats, I am happiest. c2

- Robert


120 Riverside Boulevard
Phone: +1 (212) 580-1200
Fax: +1 (646) 998-8021